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🎶 Buju Banton & John Legend - "Memories" Playlist on Spotify

Buju Banton & John Legend deliver one of the 🔥 hottest reggae songs of 2020 with Memories.

Click Here to Stream Buju Banton "Memories" Playlist on Spotify

Buju Banton is unequivocally the greatest reggae artist to have ever commanded a microphone. The man born Mark Anthony Myrie is a living legend, world class deejay, breaker of records set by the honorable Robert Nesta Marley, revolutionary and ambassador of the Jamaican sound called “Dancehall.” Born in the Kingston slum of Salt Lane, he’s made a career of teaching music lovers how to love and be loved; how to cherish women; and how to march toward triumph in spite of setbacks; how to Bogle; how to live better. “Reggae music’s mission is to uplift, educate and eradicate negativity from the minds of the people globally,” says Banton. “I won’t let that change.”

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