🎶 Truce by IamStylezMusic & Daniiboo

"Truce" by Stylez & Daniiboo is your modern-day dancehall love story.  The song is based around both parties in a relationship cheating, but instead of fighting, the couple decide they should call a "Truce" and rebuild because there is still love between them. Release Date: Fri, Oct 9th, 2020 Label: Tropic Electric / Blaze Entertainment Records Stream "Truce" For More Info on IamStylezMusic: 🔸 Facebook 🔸 Instagram 🔸 YouTube 🔸 Spotify For More Info on Daniiboo: 🔸 Facebook 🔸 Instagram 🔸 YouTube 🔸 Spotify Follow Our Spotify Playlists Tropic Electric's Spotify playlists are curated for fans of reggae, dancehall, reggaeton and afrobeats music. New songs added each week to fit every mood. To Submit Music to our Playlists email promo@tropicelectric.com For More Info on Tropic Electric: 🔸 Website 🔸 Facebook 🔸 Instagram 🔸 YouTube 🔸 Spotify #dancehallinfusion #spotifyplaylist #spotify #reggae #dancehall #tropicelectric #afrobeats #reggaeton #iamstylezmusic #daniiboo #truce #reggae2020

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