Genre: Reggae, Dancehall

Releas Date: March 15, 2017

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Rodeo Wine

by Nyanda

"Rodeo Wine" was one of those songs that wrote itself. The creative process with The Kemist and Kham (my co-writer) was fun and easy, reminding me of the time I wrote "Love is Wicked" with my sisters. "Rodeo Wine" is different... unexpected... memorable."  [Nyanda]

"Rodeo Wine" is the first single released from Nyanda's new partnership with Eastern Europe's leading Record Company, Cat Music

Produced by The Kemist, "Rodeo Wine" is a unique fusion of dancehall and country music. 

Nyanda is a member of the Pop / Reggae duo Brick & Lace. She went solo in 2013 and has amassed over 90 million online streams during her career with singles "Love is Wicked""Slippery When Wet""Like A Pro""I Love Sax" and "Trouble".