Genre: Reggae / Dancehall

Released: March 3, 2017

FAB (The Remixes)


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Atlantic Records presents JoJo & Remy Ma's "FAB The Remixes)" by The Kemist, Dj BrainDeaD and The Wixard, each of whom showcase their unique Future Dancehall flavor on their respective track.

On her new single "FAB"JoJo (featuring Remy Ma) takes issue with "fake ass bitches". What makes this topic even more interesting is Remy Ma's recent diss track, "Shether", aimed at the Queen of Hip Hop, Nicki Minaj

In these lyrics, the songstress, keeps it 100 by calling out the phonies: "When they smile in your face, but behind you it ain't well wishes/ When they eatin' all the food off your plate and they don't do dishes /When they words and they actions blur and they don't know different/ No time for these fake a-- b-tches." 


1. "FAB (Realones Edit)" feat Remy Ma

1. "FAB (Dj BrainDeaD Remix)" feat Remy Ma

1. "FAB (Giovanny Remix)" feat Remy Ma

1. "FAB (The Wixard Remix)" feat Remy Ma

1. "FAB (The Kemist Remix)" feat Remy Ma